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The Great Winged Aphyatrix (1938)

"Allied Forces Take Cover From The Great Winged Aphyatrix" (1938) - Photographer Unknown.

This is the only surviving photographic record of this terrifying beast. Allied Troops are seen here taking cover during a chance encounter with a Great Winged Aphyatrix on the battlefield. Reaching over 45 Meters tall and with a wingspan of 30 Meters the Aphyatrix is completely flightless, but it is extremely venomous and with razor sharp talons it is capable of running at top speeds of 24km. Although they were hunted to extinction as recently as the 1980's its already hard to believe that such frightening creatures ever existed!

Sholok -The Terror From Below (1972)

“The Terror From Below Emerges From Its Pit” (1972) - Taken from the air by Reporter Geoffrey Stewards onboard the Channel 6 News Chopper.

In 1972 during an incident that shook the world to its core this Leviathan known as Sholok clawed its way out of its underground lair. Emerging only 246km away from the major population centre of Kansas City, USA. This gargantuan beast with its huge crushing mandibles and great grasping tenticles posed a major threat to human life. Only a massive military blockade Codenamed: Yellow Brick Road prevented the creature from reaching Kansas City and wreaking total destruction.

The Stowaways (1998)

“The Stowaway” (1998) - MRI Scan courtesy of The Trinity Medical Laboratory, Records Dept, Stockholm.

Although Stowaways were first theorized by the great Physician and Zoologist Dr. Otto Von Gristwald as early as 1885, This is the first documentary evidence of their existence . Discovered in Sweden during a routine medical examination in 1998, This MRI scan managed to catch a Stowaway in the act. With the advancement of medical imaging technology several more have been captured in the years since.

The Stowaway is a tiny humanoid creature that climbs inside the ears of unfortunates who fall asleep on Buses, Trains and Airplanes. Once inside the skull, these ghastly little creeps make a home there, burrowing in at the back of the brain where they start filling it with doubts and fears. There are no records of exactly how many Stowaways exist in the world, what their sinister plans might be, or indeed what they might eat to sustain themselves once living inside a human head. . .

The Fizzling Presence on Bradbury Way (1992)

"The Fizziling Presence on Bradbury Way" (1992) - Photographed and contributed by local resident Janette Winterson of Cumberland, Maine, USA.

This spectral form fizzles and crackles with mysterious energy, appearing the night of February 29th every leap year. Distorted music, co-ordinates, descriptions of weather systems and white noise can all be heard emanating from the presence at regular intervals. Investigations have surmised that the spectre seems to be somehow receiving, distorting and repeating signals from the local radio station, as well as New England shipping broadcast channels. Between outbursts of radio interference, a human voice distinct from the rest can also be heard, lost and searching for home.

The people of Cumberland are convinced this is the spectre of a famous local physicist Dr. Louisa Browne. Dr.Browne's obsession with understanding the true nature of time lead her to the invention of a device known as a Cyclonic Temporal Disruptor. Essentially a time travel device. During an ill fated experiment in 1985, Dr.Browne set the device to transport her forwards in time; mistaking the following year as leap year and calibrating her machine for a February 29th. The settings on the control mainframe were targeted for a non-existant time, and in a flash of purplish-white light she vanished without a trace. So if the local people are to be believed this is the spectre of Dr.Louisa Browne wandering lost and alone in a space between times. . .

The Fearsome Coiled Electrical Eye (1963)

“The Fearsome Coiled Electrical Eye” (1963) - Moscow No5 Railyard - Documented by State Phototographer Leonid Mendeleev.

During the height of 1963’s Storm Vassily, a freakishly sudden and deadly lightning storm, this Fearsome Coiled Electrical Eye emerged from the cold and murky depths of the Moskva River. After leaving a trail of havoc and charred ruin accross Moscow City centre it was documented here, coiled around a high voltage transmission tower seemingly feeding upon electricity from the storm. Although what happened next remains classified, Monster Historians speculate that it was somehow captured, warehoused and utilized by the KGB for Cold War spying purposes.

Conspiracy theorists have even speculated that after the fall of the Soviet Union, it was clandestinely aquired by the Goggleplex internet company; and that this Fearsome Coiled Electrical Eye is the secret power behind their renowned search engine technology. But thats probably just crazy talk!

The Ghost Cars of Croydon (1981)

“Ghost Cars Racing It Out Above Croydon” (1981) - Documented by Trevor Pilkingston from his Thames Towers apartment balcony in Croydon, London, UK.

This is a rare and exemplary shot of the much storied Ghost Cars battling it out in the skies above Croydon. Flocks of Ghost Cars vary in size. They are never spotted alone, with the largest recorded flock counting upwards of 26 ghostly motors. In their smaller amounts Ghost Cars are relatively benign entities, seemingly content to race against one another, zipping and zooming through the skies above, jockeying for position in some ethereal contest beyond human comprehension.

Unfortunately when the number of Ghost Cars surpasses a certain threshold they become increasingly aggressive towards humans. In larger flocks they have been known to swarm and swoop out of the skies attacking the pedestrians below with murderous intent. Tires screeching and engines rip-roaring, they dive tumbling through the blue, like ravenous birds of prey with their pitiless headlights fixed upon a human quarry.

For this reason the local authority broadcasts this warning to residents on a special PA system at regular intervals: “In the event that you hear revving in the skies above, stay in doors! Do not go outside! Ghost Cars can be deadly! Resist any temptation to go outside to watch the race!” Local school children are also taught to look left, right and up before crossing the road, in what has colloquially become known as the Croydon Cross Code.

The Zebranhas of The Serengeti (2014)

“A Stampede of Zebranhas Ravages A Bus Full of Poachers” (2014) - Documentary evidence provided by The National Park Ranger Service of Tanzania.

When Francis Crick and James Watson discovered DNA and gave birth to the modern genetic sciences, they must have envisioned miraculous scientific, medical and humanitarian potentials. They could not however have dreamed that rogue Geneticists would eventually corrupt genetics (In an act that would make Dr. Viktor Frankenstien blush) by creating a vicious and hyper-aggressive hybrid between the Zebra and Piranha, The deadly Zebranha.

Zebranhas are blessed with great swiftness, insatiable hunger and the most merciless nature this side of hell. They multiply in huge numbers, and they roam the Serengeti in great packs. Like swarms of striped, carnivourous locusts they strip the land of any living thing with meat on its bones. Even a small pack of Zebranhas can clean an African Bull Elephant to its skeleton in as little as six seconds.

In this photograph taken by the local Park Rangers, we see a bus that had been filled with with White Rhino poachers overturned, destroyed and "stripped" of its contents by a ravenous pack. Some might consider this poetic justice. All I know is whoever or whatever you are this is a most brutal way to go.