Active Projects



The Notional Geographic Project

The Notional Geographic Project is a transient journal of Storytelling, Poetry and Illustration. It is an experiment in alternative ways of disseminating Art. As such each edition contains thematic work around a set of Short Stories, Poetry and Illustration and they are hand-bound in multiple copies. These copies are then distributed to Friends, Colleagues and Collaborators around the globe to be lost, lent, borrowed and placed in Coffee Shops, Bus Stations and Unexpected Locations in Towns and Cities around the world.

The Picturebook Project

Instigated by Artist Robert P Ryan and inspired by the idea of A Book of Short Stories for Adults Illustrated in a Childrens Book Style. The Picturebook Project is a Collaborative Exchange of Writing and Illustration. Each artist within the project has written and exchanged a short story which will in turn be interpreted and illustrated by a creative counterpart.


Rare Monster Sighting Archives

Here at Free Form Trouble we scour the worlds greatest Libraries, Aquire the most deeply classified military documents and trade in the most exotic black markets to uncover, catalogue and record these rarest of beasts in the annals of our archives. Whilst (hopefully) most of these creatures have disappeared many moons ago, We are commited to recording their details here in case we ever encounter their Ilk again.