The Notional Geographic Project - List of Editions


We are Analog Prototype Cover.jpg

Edition 02 - We Are Analog

Not one Person, Place, Or Thing exists in isolation.

Archibald Trent is becoming increasingly anxious. This evening The Government are shutting down the Analog Signal Broadcast. Other countries who took this step have had their entire populations inexplicably disappear. His Government are isolationists; they want no part in the signal anymore. They are convinced that they are the original culture and therefore have nothing to fear. Old newspapers from the Nations of the Disappeared report that their governments had said the same before the end. . .

We Are Analog follows a single Narrative which explores the importance of Human Connection and Collaboration and how we all help to define each other as Nations, Cultures and Individuals.


Strange Things Prototype Cover.jpg

Edition 01 - Strange Things, Lonely Places

When we are alone even the most familiar place can take on a strange otherworldly quality.

In lonely places sometimes, our sense heightens to the possibility that something strange exists just beyond the periphery of our awareness waiting to be discovered and yet never understood. Strange Things, Lonely Places contains Illustrated Stories and Poetry exploring encounters with The Strange, The Unexpected, Wonderment, Loneliness, and Transitional States of Mind.